Course Registration Information

Under the 334 New Curriculum, students admitted in 2012-13 (and thereafter) are required to take the ENGG1000 IT Foundation course in the first year of attendance in fulfilling one of the University Core requirements. First year students in different faculties and major programmes should register the course (pick one of the preassigned sections) on CUSIS and take the course in the specified term as shown in the following table.

Special Course Arrangement (2021-22 Term 1)
In view of some students having difficulties entering Hong Kong due to pandemic, a special section, ENGG1000 AY (Thursday 12:30-13:15) is arranged. This section will be conducted full online and there will be no face-to-face teaching.

Students who won't be coming to Hong Kong during the semester are recommended to take this section if possible:
Section : ENGG1000 AY
Time : Thursday 12:30-13:15

Faculty/ Major Programme Specified Term of Taking Class Enrolment
  • Faculty of Arts
Term 1 AI, AJ, AL, AM, AU, AV, AX
  • Faculty of Business Administration
  • Global Economics and Finance (GLEFN)
  • Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Science (QFRMN)
Term 1 AA, AB, AC, AD, AE, AF, AG, AH, AN, AO, AP, AQ, AR, AS, AT
  • Faculty of Education
  • Chinese Language Studies and Chinese Language Education (CLEDN)
  • English Studies and English Language Education (ELEDN)
  • Liberal Studies (LSEDN)
Term 2
  • Faculty of Medicine
Term 2
  • Faculty of Law
Term 2
  • Faculty of Science
Term 2
  • Faculty of Social Science
Term 2
  • Faculty of Engineering
For students (Intakes of 2017-18 and thereafter): Students will be exempted from ENGG1000 when they have successfully fulfilled the major programme requirements of any engineering programme.

For students (Intakes of 2016-17 or before) who have successfully completed all the courses below, are eligible for course exemption and have to apply in advance through the website:

ENGG1110 "Problem Solving by Programming"
ENGG2601 "Technology, Society and Engineering Practice"
ENGG2602 "Engineering Practice"

Application website:

Note: ENGG2600 is equivalent to ENGG2601 + ENGG2602.
ENGG2601 is equivalent to CSCI3250.
ENGG2602 is equivalent to CSCI3251.

Attention: ENGG2601 and ENGG2602 will be phased out starting from 2018-19. Please approach your major department for further information on the corresponding course substitutions.

Students who cannot register via CUSIS

The following students shall approach the Office of the IT Foundation Course in person or send the add drop form by email during 13 - 19 September 2021 (Term 1) or 17–23 January 2022 (Term 2) for course registration:

  1. students who are unable to register IT Foundation Course online due to CUSIS limitations;
  2. students who did not complete the course in the specified term of taking in the first year; or
  3. new curriculum Engineering students who are interested in taking the course.
Normally students who formally apply through the Office of the IT Foundation Course will be assigned to a section by the end of the add/drop period (end of the third week) provided that there are sufficient quotas.